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"Ave Fénix" the new single from Incompletos

Much has been asked about when Incompletos would be releasing new music, and it is that although we have seen the band uploading stories on social media while they work, none of this material has been published, until today, since it has been confirmed with the band that the material that has been worked on is already soon to see the light.

The days of waiting for new music from Incompletos are over, since this May 2023, "Ave Fénix" will be released, the first single from the album which will have a Video Lyric and will be available on all digital platforms.

"... I understand that we have been some time without publishing new songs, it is not a situation that we have wished for, but this song is a nice battering ram to break that streak and get back to the charge, it has enough energy to make us rise from the ashes." [...] "... The song has waited some time to see the light and what better way than to be the first single from our second album." Guille Vasquez about "Ave Fénix"

From the publication of "Ave Fénix", the band plans to release month by month content of the album, until we reach the publication of it, Here we talk a little about its sound:

"... About the sound of the album I can only say that it is different from what we have been doing, perhaps in line with what we worked on "I want to be", which was a little more "Folk metal", but a little heavier". [...] "... I think the sound design was making sense as we moved forward with the album, it is very enriching, the goal is to enjoy doing what we like, which is to create and share... the rest is people's decision if it is reflected in what we feel at the time of making this music." -Guille Vasquez on "Ave Fénix" and the new album.

Fast guitar solos, violins, flutes, harpsichords and organs in the best style of "neoclassical metal" and the story of a mythological bird capable of being reborn from its ashes; "Ave Fénix" is the bet of Incompletos to return to activity this 2023.

"... In our first album, the sound that fit more into the alternative, now with the "folk" there is a little more game, it is a change for the better, we play with too many sounds, we are experimenting, we are having fun and we hope that for the public it will be pleasant too." [...] "...I find the concept of the song interesting, we never thought about any metaphor of what Phoenix and our lives can be, but it's a bit like that, fall, hit rock bottom and get up, keep going. After the destruction you only have one alternative and it is to be reborn, to build yourself again." -Pablo Nájera on "Ave Fénix"

For this new installment, the cover art was made by @odiorama, visual artist, who will be in charge of the illustrations of the covers of this new album.

Although there was no intention in finding a metaphor that spoke of rebirth, the concept of the song coincides perfectly for "the resurgence" of Incompletos.

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